Day and Night

Day Never liked early mornings, always a night owl. Now I wake at 5am or thereabouts, what time of day is that? Love looking out of the window and draining the last dregs from a pot of Stokes Assam tea. Rain or shine I see our garden and plan what to do next. Day off? […]

New Years Eve

30th December, day before New Years Eve. I feel like the condemned man eating his last meal. No, it’s not, but that’s what it feels like. Not that I’ve ever been, oh you know what I mean. Don’t get all pedantic on me. Dauphinoise potatoes, roast chicken with spinach, leeks and peas in butter. Seeing […]

The bath

My favourite kind of gardening day? Full on physical, big stuff, Earth moving. The kind of day that makes you ache a bit, but in a way that is satisfying, does that make sense? That was today. What better end than to sit in the summer house with a very large G&T and some nibbles, […]

Three Sundays

For the first time in my life I went on to Whitby beach on my own, I have always had a companion, Sally. Even when I went for a run, Sally would be there with the dogs, waiting for my return. This run was different, very different. I had a rucksack. The contents were very […]