It’s the silence

So many things. So much missing. But it’s the silence that I notice most. No background noise, the sounds of someone cooking, the clatter and occasional mumble. The sound of a breakage or mishap. No sound of breathing (snoring) at night. That’s the worst thing. Never thought I would miss that so much. The radio, […]

Hello Anger, what kept you?

Denial? Tick Bargaining? Tick Depression? Tick Anger? Hello Anger are you there? Ah, hello Anger, what kept you, we were beginning to wonder if you would be joining us. Plenty more plates in the cupboard, shame about the food though, looked nice. No major damage, wall tiles seem ok and the cooker is fairly robust. […]

The Meal

Last year we sowed the seeds, we planted out the seedlings, we watched them grow, we harvested the crop. We cooked the produce, we laughed, we danced, we ate the meal, we enjoyed the meal, we froze what we didn’t eat. This year we sowed the seeds, we planted out the seedlings. We watched them […]


A town of many memories. A place forever associated with Sally, she brought me here two months after we met. I had been before but had no strong memories. That all changed with Sally. From the first visit we loved being here together. Us and the dogs. We would arrive early Friday, unload and unpack. […]