Another Saturday night in a quiet house. Another silent kitchen. No Craig Charles, he will have to do without me. No bopping or beer. Global knives stand like silent sentinels in their block. No slicing, dicing or chopping. Pans remain empty, no cooking here. The kitchen, once the hub of the house, now a cul-de-sac. […]

Dining alone

A meal from the freezer. A meal I remember being cooked. A delicious meal. A meal for two. Defrosted. Re heated. Eating alone, a meal created by an absent diner and cook. Compliments unheard. Seasoned with tears. No taste. No pleasure.


Who to talk to about trivial stuff, idle chatter, observations. No one listening when I walk through the door, excited about seedlings appearing. No one to listen to. Your good day at work. Your pointless training day. Silence. Did you see that!? Of course not, you’re not by my side. The Kingfisher is back on […]


The torment begins with tea for one. No conversation, no plans for the day ahead. Silence. The space beside me mirrors the emptiness inside. Reminders are constant throughout the day, no warning. Tearful ambushes. The clean and silent kitchen is eerily disturbing, no longer a friendly place. Cooking is of little interest, eating a chore. […]