Bacon Butty anyone?

Sunday Morning.  Lincolnshire.  Cold, snow covered and crisp.  Perfect for a nice long dog walk.  Poppy and Audrey loved it, funnily enough, so did Sally and I. We knew that waiting for us at home was a warmly glowing woodburner. In the kitchen a pack of bacon lay waiting, a teapot stood ready. Can anything […]

I-spy fish pie

One of the joys of a partner having a day off when you are working, is to come home to the smell of cooking.  With Sally this can be anything, most often it is bread.  Is there anything that beats the smell of fresh baked bread? Tonight it was not the smell of baking bread […]

Comfort Food

There are days when all you want to eat is comfort food; forget your gourmet cookbooks, ignore the spice cupboard and look away from the herbs. Had a bad day at work? Too tired to cook? Feeling unwell? Or just as we did, yearn for something warm and comforting on a cold winter’s night. What […]

The other woman in my life

Back to our normal routine this week, Tuesday night is my night chance to spend time with the other woman in my life.  Not so long ago she was a girl, now however my daughter, Roannah, is a young woman.  Not only is she growing to be a lovely person, she has inherited her parents […]