Contemplation and Planning

March, the month I dislike the most.  Cold and miserable; winter dragging its heels on the way to the exit. The upside is that I have time to look back, reflect and plan. The last year has been low on the craft side, very few projects that I had planned have come to fruition.  I […]

More than a shed.

You see my shed. You open its door, what do you see inside?  You see a collection of hand tools, old and new.  Assorted power tools.  Offcuts of timber stacked in a box.  Strange pieces of wood, partially carved in semi spoon-like shapes.  Wood shavings, chippings and sawdust.  Shelves packed with boxes, tins and jars.  […]

My First Spoon

My first spoon, few minutes here and there spread over a few weeks. Probably two hours in total. Can say I am happy with the outcome. Carved from Apple wood, not the most interesting of woods to look at, but a joy to carve. Now it’s onto more a more ambitious project with Sycamore, watch […]

Crook Knife

Ben Orford Hybrid Handle Crook Knife, a lovely bit of kit. A joy to work with, superb blade and a knife I will use for many years.