Decided to Google for some wood carving tips, as I had just started on a project for the garden, a wood sprite. Found some good videos on YouTube with plenty of hints and tips, all new to me so very useful. It was the chance discovery of a spoon carving video that set me off […]

iTunes Irritation (cont;)

So, finally bit the bullet and decided to switch from XP to W7. Knew it would be a challenge, it is not an upgrade option, but a clean install. Files backed up and all went smoothly. Migrated Music, Pictures and Documents with no problem. Started the task of re installing software with iTunes, it is […]

Not the begining

This is not the beginning, I am not exactly a blog virgin. Many years ago in the early days of Blogspot, I created and enjoyed my first Blog. Sadly life got in the way and through inactivity the Blog was deleted, sad. Many happy memories lay within. Time to move on. This brings us neatly […]