The other woman in my life

Back to our normal routine this week, Tuesday night is my night chance to spend time with the other woman in my life.  Not so long ago she was a girl, now however my daughter, Roannah, is a young woman.  Not only is she growing to be a lovely person, she has inherited her parents […]

Rice, leeks and lemon

A rare treat for me, an evening meal on a Monday night.  I am normally in work until 9pm and my ‘meal’ is usually a hearty sandwich. Over our ritualistic, post work pot of tea, we unwind.  It is either during this or the subsequent dog walk that, if we haven’t already decided upon a […]

Sunday Bits and bobs

Neither of us felt much like cooking, so we fell back on our old favourite, bits and bobs. You may have your own terminology for bits and bobs, simply put, it is a collection of cold items from the fridge and store cupboard.  Leftover cold meats, cheese, pickles, bread, salad etc. On paper ours was […]

Saturday with Nigel

Towards the tail end of last year we decided to embark on a little culinary fun and exploration.  The idea was very simple, one of us would choose a cook book from our fairly extensive collection, the other would then select a recipe and cook it.  Usually, though not exclusively, for Saturday night. Our Saturday […]