Saturday with Nigel

Towards the tail end of last year we decided to embark on a little culinary fun and exploration.  The idea was very simple, one of us would choose a cook book from our fairly extensive collection, the other would then select a recipe and cook it.  Usually, though not exclusively, for Saturday night.

Our Saturday cooking experience is something we both look forward to, a few beers, nibbles (Bombay mix tonight) and music; Craig Charles is the rule here.  Cooking together, having a laugh and a joke, sharing the experience and creating a meal.  Love is.

This week Sally chose her Christmas present from me, Nigel Slater’s Kitchen Diaries 2.  I decided on a Ham and Cabbage Fry Up.

Sounds a little odd, but as usual we were very pleased with the result.  Buttery, sweet and sour, lovely undertones of juniper and clove, with a faint hint of apple.  Perfect foil for the salty ham pieces nestling in the ribbons of cabbage and onion.

Juices mopped up with a chunk of fresh bread, sourdough tonight. Washed down with a nice cold beer, well Nige recommended that, so who are we to argue, although I am not a big fan of beer with food.  It fills me up too much.  After or before food, fine, but not with. Small stomach.  Next time I will have a glass of chilled white wine.

Now there will be those who think that our meals are hardly frugal, I beg to differ.  Tonight for example worked out at about £3.00, for two, not each.

OK, we did indulge afterwards with good coffee (store cupboard) Fortnum & Mason chocolate (present) and Drambuie (Christmas treat)

Who said frugal had to be boring?

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