Comfort Food

There are days when all you want to eat is comfort food; forget your gourmet cookbooks, ignore the spice cupboard and look away from the herbs.

Had a bad day at work? Too tired to cook? Feeling unwell? Or just as we did, yearn for something warm and comforting on a cold winter’s night.

What is comfort food anyway, what I find comforting may not be the same as yours.

Comfort food is, for most people, a taste of childhood.  Food from the carefree days of your past, the food that mum made.

Like most people I have a list of the food that falls into this category;

Macaroni Cheese

Rice Pudding

Sausage, mash and beans

Cauliflower cheese

Tomato soup (Heinz, of course)


Lancashire Hotpot

Baked potato, with butter

Potato and cheese patties

Beans on toast

Apart from the soup, which I only ever have when I am poorly, the rest are still firm favourites and can be found gracing the table several times a year.

Tonight is a comfort food night.

Tonight we had a combination from the list

Tonight it was Baked potato (with butter, naturally) sausages and baked beans.

Good Lincolnshire spuds, good butter (not a spreadable butter substance) Heinz baked beans; accept no substitutes and sausages from our local butcher, Meridian Meats

That’s it, simple, tasty, comforting and still carrying on the frugality.


What are your favourite comfort foods?





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