I-spy fish pie

One of the joys of a partner having a day off when you are working, is to come home to the smell of cooking.  With Sally this can be anything, most often it is bread.  Is there anything that beats the smell of fresh baked bread?

Tonight it was not the smell of baking bread that greeted me, but one of our favourites and an omission from my comfort food list.  Fish pie.

Now I don’t have any memories of fish pie as a child, but it did become a favourite in my late twenties and is now a regular item in my life.

Sally makes a particularly good one, smooth white sauce, capers, parsley and naturally fish.  Most often the fish is haddock though pollack is a good choice.  Tonight though Sally used a piece of leftover Halibut we had in the freezer from a pre Christmas treat. A touch of decadence.

Delicious firm fish from one of our local fishmongers, Igloo Seafood. We are so fortunate in not having one good fishmonger, but two, the other being Fred in the Market Hall.  Both supply excellent, top quality fish and seafood.  The langoustine we had at Christmas from Fred were superb, not cheap, but then three each is enough for a starter on a special occasion.

Back to the fish pie.

Topping the pie was a thick layer of my favourite, mashed potato sprinkled with grated cheese.  Baked in the oven until golden brown and unctuous. Served with garden peas and spinach.  Bliss

We decided to crack open a bottle of wine, well, we are off for three days and the meal demanded it.  The wine was a very enjoyable Spanish Cermena Malvasia 2010.  Finished it and Sally off.  She is now asleep on the sofa.  A log fire, full stomach and two glasses of wine will do that.

Life is good.



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