Meat Free

Today was our ‘you choose, I cook’ day. This week I chose Hugh F-W Veg, Sally chose a meal, well actually a meal and a salad.  I cooked the meal and made the salad.

Hang on, what happened there?

Who cares, they were both delicious.  So what did we end up having?

Chilli, cheese and rosemary polenta.

Now we have both had polenta before, Sally has had soft polenta, creamy smooth, described to me once as ‘Italian mash’.  I have cooked it many times, living alone it was one of my staples.  Cheap, tasty, cheap.  Tonight’s was a blinder.  Cheesey, flavoursome, warming.  Cooked, cooled and sliced into fingers.  Then fried until crispy on the outside.  Served with a tomato sauce. Dee-bloody-licious.

(In summer we will have it with a watercress or rocket salad).

Red cabbage, parsnip, orange and dates

Now this was a real surprise.  Never had raw parsnip before.  So why not, after all you eat raw carrot and they are not that dissimilar.  But oranges and dates, with red cabbage??

Oh yes, it works.  We sat, as we often do, post meal, talking about changes we would or could make.  If any.  Few tweaks next time, mandolin the cabbage to make it very fine, maybe a few nuts for more texture.

The added bonus of cooking on a Saturday night.  BBC 6Music,  Mr Craig Charles and his most excellent Funk and Soul Show.  The odd beer.  Maybe a bop round the kitchen.  Actually there is no maybe.


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  1. Ahem, I seem to remember we both made the polenta, and I think I cooked the tomato sauce…. but yes, you did make the salad. But you slice so well x

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