Winter Vegetable and Lentil Bake

We are still in frugal January and do you know what? we are loving it!

It has given us a good reason to raid the store cupboard and use up the contents before any impending use by dates.  The freezer likewise needs a stock take and emptying in preparation for the spring and summer gluts.

Today we settled upon a hybrid delight.  The base was a combination of layered goodies.  Puy lentils, cooked in wine and stock with onions and garlic.  Another of peppers and onions.  Mushrooms too.  The whole ensemble topped with the ever popular cheesey mashed potato and baked in the oven.

The red cabbage we had lurking in the kitchen was sliced finely and added to a pan containing onions sweated in butter, crushed juniper berries, chopped apple a splash of red wine and a little sugar.  The whole lot was popped in a dish and into the oven, alongside the veggie bake.

Dinner was served. Another winner and meat free too.  Frugal? Yes, but frugal does not mean bland, this was bang on and full of big flavours.  More please Sallyma.

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