Bacon Butty anyone?

Sunday Morning.  Lincolnshire.  Cold, snow covered and crisp.  Perfect for a nice long dog walk.  Poppy and Audrey loved it, funnily enough, so did Sally and I.

We knew that waiting for us at home was a warmly glowing woodburner.

In the kitchen a pack of bacon lay waiting, a teapot stood ready.

Can anything beat a bacon butty and a pot of good tea and I mean proper tea, northern tea, not that wishy washy stuff they drink south of Watford.

For me it was bacon, mushroom, cheese and HP sauce.  Sally chose bacon and mushroom and of course the old HP.

Simple stuff, not gourmet, not flash.  Dry cured smoked bacon, open field mushrooms, cheddar cheese.  Did I mention that the bread was home made and delicious?  Well it was and it made the butty damn near perfect.

We love Sunday mornings.

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