Goodbye Frugal January, Hello Frugal February!

The frugality was intended to last one month, Mr Osborne, his mate Dodgy Dave and the previous occupants Plebgate Street have scuppered that.  To be honest, we have eaten very well, in fact we have eaten very, very well.

Looking back over the month the food has been varied and thanks to a well stocked larder/freezer and the occasional gift of fish or fowl, very tasty indeed.

Events of the last week or so have meant a silence on the foodie blogging front, that does not mean we have not eaten nor that the food was unworthy of a mention, far from it.Losing a crown and having to wait for six days to have it replaced, will mean a careful choice in what I eat, that aside, bring on Frugal February.

The coming weekend will, weather permitting, see a start to the gardening year, with soil preparation the first on the list.  Plenty of forking over, just as long as the ground is not too wet to work on.  The big project for this year is the removal of a concrete slab, probably a couple of tons, and the transformation of the area into a fruit patch, replete with a state of the art fruit cage no less.

Watch this space. Before, during and after photographs to bore you rigid will soon follow; you have been warned.

New crops for the year.  Asparagus Peas and Cavolo Nero.

We will also be increasing our crop of Borlotti beans, delicious fresh and in my opinion, even better dried.  I love my pulses and legumes, Borlotti being one of the tastiest beans I have ever eaten.  A pleasant surprise was runner beans, no, not those in the pod.  Which incidentally the natives of Central America wouldn’t dream of eating the outer pod, they give the pods to the pigs.  Sensible people.

No, the beans themselves, harvested from the pods at the end of the year when they have dried out.  Once thoroughly dry they store well for a year or so.  Soaking in cold water then boiling as per any dried bean, they are one of my favourites.  Up there with Borlotti and Butter beans, my top two.

So what will the weekend bring? In theory it is back to our ‘you choose, I cook’ routine, although I suspect that it may be postponed. I chose at random, the book that fell into my hand was Jamie Oliver’s Naked Chef, a real blast from the past. Could be interesting.




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