Hello Anger, what kept you?

Denial? Tick Bargaining? Tick Depression? Tick Anger? Hello Anger are you there? Ah, hello Anger, what kept you, we were beginning to wonder if you would be joining us. Plenty more plates in the cupboard, shame about the food though, looked nice. No major damage, wall tiles seem ok and the cooker is fairly robust. […]

Dining alone

A meal from the freezer. A meal I remember being cooked. A delicious meal. A meal for two. Defrosted. Re heated. Eating alone, a meal created by an absent diner and cook. Compliments unheard. Seasoned with tears. No taste. No pleasure.

Polenta revisited

Exactly four months ago we had polenta, flavoured with rosemary, chilli and garlic. Served with a tomato sauce it was simple and delicious. We thought it was about time we had it again. This time served with some fresh chard. It’s not often we have a starter, but with our asparagus doing so well after […]

Where does the time go?

Is it really two weeks since my last post, only seems like two days.  Life is hectic at the moment, so blogging takes a back seat. Eating does not. We are still enjoying our pick and choose cooking challenge, although it has slipped a little.  That does not mean to say we have not tried […]