The bath

My favourite kind of gardening day? Full on physical, big stuff, Earth moving. The kind of day that makes you ache a bit, but in a way that is satisfying, does that make sense? That was today. What better end than to sit in the summer house with a very large G&T and some nibbles, […]

Polenta revisited

Exactly four months ago we had polenta, flavoured with rosemary, chilli and garlic. Served with a tomato sauce it was simple and delicious. We thought it was about time we had it again. This time served with some fresh chard. It’s not often we have a starter, but with our asparagus doing so well after […]

Goodbye Frugal January, Hello Frugal February!

The frugality was intended to last one month, Mr Osborne, his mate Dodgy Dave and the previous occupants Plebgate Street have scuppered that.  To be honest, we have eaten very well, in fact we have eaten very, very well. Looking back over the month the food has been varied and thanks to a well stocked […]