Decided to Google for some wood carving tips, as I had just started on a project for the garden, a wood sprite.

Found some good videos on YouTube with plenty of hints and tips, all new to me so very useful. It was the chance discovery of a spoon carving video that set me off in a new direction.

After some deliberation I ordered a Mora Frost Spoon Carving knife and on its arrival set to with gusto on a piece of Sycamore from the woodpile. It was not long before I had a lovely pile of wood chips and a kindling stick.

Second attempt was a lot better, a smaller spoon carved from a piece of Apple wood, very pleased with the result and felt spurred on to up grade to a better quality spoon knife. Decided on a Ben Orford hybrid handle crook knife. First trial with it told me I had made a wise move, the quality and edge is superb, cuts like a hot knife through butter. Lovely balance too.

Looks like my Christmas wish list will, in future, be including some good quality woodworking tools.


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