iTunes Irritation (cont;)

So, finally bit the bullet and decided to switch from XP to W7. Knew it would be a challenge, it is not an upgrade option, but a clean install.

Files backed up and all went smoothly. Migrated Music, Pictures and Documents with no problem. Started the task of re installing software with iTunes, it is one of my most used bits of kit.

Again, no problem, or so I thought. Wanted to play a particular, downloaded from iTunes, track. Problems started.

Message box pops up telling me that the track was authorised on another PC, did I want to authorise for this machine? Now trying to explain to a message box that it was the same machine, just a different OS was going to be a futile exercise, so I just said yes. Entered user name and password for iTunes Store, accepted and told, Track now Authorised. Great!


Tried to play the track and message box pops up and the process repeats itself, this went on four times, each time the same. It is authorised, it is not authorised.

Groundhog moment.

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