So much for Frugality.

Frugal went out of the window tonight, on paper at least.

After the week we have had we felt we deserved a wee treat and boy did we do it in style!

Now it is our ongoing quest to choose and cook new meal every week, it may be a twist on an old favourite, it may be a new combination of flavours.  Tonight’s was a the latter.

Now scallops are not my number one when it comes to seafood, that spot is reserved for brown shrimps; a childhood thing.  Langoustine are a very close second, pan fried in butter, garlic and chilli. After tonight’s meal, scallops have moved up to third place.

Pan-seared scallops with Crispy Bacon and Sage, Puy Lentils and Green Salad.

A River Cafe recipe and on of Jamie Oliver’s favourites, mine too now.

Lentils braised with rosemary and garlic, now that itself is delicious, trust me.  Little gems of Pancetta lurking in the depths, top notes of rosemary, and garlic, bringing up the rear.

A bed of lettuce type greenery does not inspire me normally and I have to be honest, I thought looking at the recipe tonight it was a bit of a waste. Wrong.  Pop onto the lettuce a couple of seasoned and pan seared scallops, shreds of crispy fried bacon and sage.  Top it off with a good sprinkle of the lentil mixture and you have a stunning combination of flavours and textures.

It was divine, better than my usual scallop combo of black pudding and mushy peas.

Slice of Sally’s bread, buttered of course, and a glass or two of Oyster Bay Sauvignon Blanc, just how good is that?

Now scallops are not cheap, but the rest? Cheap as chips, apart from the wine of course!

Two very happy people, even happier now that we have had our coffee, dark chocolates and a glass of Drambuie.

Yes, we are still enjoying our Christmas leftovers.  We know how to make things last, must be our post-war austerity upbringing.

I did say so much for frugality, that said, the meal cost us less than £7 each.  Now that really appeals to me.  That and the joy of cooking it, having a beer, and listening to Craig Charles and his Trunk of Funk.  Oh yes.



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